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The Midnight Cry now known as The Cry at Midnight has been in existence since Oct. 1988. The Midnight Cry was launched by Bishop Roosevelt Johnson & Pastor Eva B.Bellamy in the Delaware Valley as a means to bless and uplift souls atmidnight.

It has helped give direction to over ten million listeners since it installation 22 years ago. It is the only radio program of ti’s
kind during the hours of 12am til 5am in the Tri State region and now through live streaming on the world wide web. It is run by a team of volunteers who truly believe in The Cry at Midnight mission statements.

They are committed to bringing the lost, weary and wondering souls to Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bellamy became the sole guiding force of The Cry at Midnight continuing to dedicate her time and personal resources to it’s mission since it’s inception.

The Cry at Midnight has delivered live radio ministry to listeners in the Tri State area and now world wide through live streaming with a variety of programming. These programs features live religious talk, prayers, scriptures, weekly guests, music and bible trivia all designed to encourage participation that provides for the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of it’s listening community.

The Cry at Midnight sponsors an annual Community Praise & Gospel Fest for the past 5 years.